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The region

See the beauty of the countryside along the Ottawa river. It’s splendour will surprise you!

In the heart of the Valleys of the Petite-Nation and the Lièvre rivers, beached at the bend of a river or by a lakeside, a score of villages vividly recall the lives of the pioneers. Many lakes lie hidden within the folds of the hills ready to welcome vacationers who love being outside and on the water. It’s a wonderful place that can be experienced in so many ways.

This region of forests and farms is also the land of Louis-Joseph Papineau. Here in the Seigneury of the Petite-Nation, the great politician came to end his days. This region, which now bears his name, went through all the eras marking our history, from the Algonquin people to the villages of today from the explorations of Champlain, through the first settlements and the great adventure of the lumber trade. This great history is retold by its heirs, the people of the Petite-Nation and the Lièvre who are here to welcome you.

Come and discover this region which has witnessed a past peopled by adventurers and has surpassed anything they could imagine regarding the pleasures of country living today.


1h30 from Mont-Tremblant


1h30 from Montreal


1h from Ottawa

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